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Beethoven Cello                                        8th Feb 2021 The Bear Club Map

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in F Op 5 No.1

Nicolai Myaskovsky – Sonata in D Op 12

Frank Bridge – Sonata H125

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in C Op 102 No.2



Simon Callaghan (piano)

Karel Bredenhorst (cello)

This programme from Karel Bredenhorst and Simon Callaghan presents Beethoven’s very first sonata for cello and his penultimate C major sonata. Dedicated to Friedrich Wilhelm II, the earlier sonata is the young composer’s usual bravura display of beauty and brilliance. 20 years later so much had happened in the composer’s life. With the appalling loss of his hearing it is no wonder these later pages of the C major sonata should present a so much more layered argument. The fugal texture of the final movement of this late work has much in common with the elaborate contrapuntal writing in the final piano sonatas. This is remarkable music…

These two great chamber works, from the beginning and end of Beethoven’s career, frame some perhaps less familiar repertoire. The programme includes the early first sonata by the 20th Century Russian Myaskovsky, an amazingly prolific composer with a catalogue including 27 symphonies! Karel and Simon also perform Frank Bridge’s sonata. The British composer was a viola player himself and his sympathetic ear for effective string writing is clear in every bar of this fascinating work, written during the First World War.