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Beethoven Cello                                        8th Mar 2021 The Bear Club Map


Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in D Op 102 No.2

Gabriel Fauré – Selection of short pieces

I. Après un rêve Op 7 No.1

II. Sérénade Op 98

III. Romance Op 69

IV. Papillon Op 77


Claude Debussy – Sonata  

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in A Op 69

Simon Callaghan (piano)

Karel Bredenhorst (cello)

This last of three programmes from Karel Bredenhorst and Simon Callaghan presents Beethoven’s final sonata for cello and piano. With its fugal textures it clearly pre-figures the epic Hammerklavier piano sonata (which was to follow three years later) and the glorious contrapuntal writing in the final string quartets.

This late work of Beethoven’s is a natural companion for Claude Debussy’s final composition, his eloquent and haunting cello sonata. As a complement to the Debussy the players present a selection of lyrical short pieces by another legendary French composer, Gabriel Fauré. Après un rêve is one of the composer’s most beautiful melodies.

The concert will also include the only Beethoven cello sonata from the composer’s middle period, written in 1808. It can be argued that, unlike the earlier Op 5 works, there is no longer any sense of a young pianist composer writing a keyboard part that is designed to attract attention to its virtuosity. And so this may be the first real sonata for cello and piano in which both players are afforded truly equal musical status. The result is a sophisticated essay of great intensity and lyrical beauty. Another perfect ground breaking work with which to conclude our journey through all the astonishing sonatas of Ludwig van Beethoven.