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Beethoven Piano                                      16th Nov 2020 The Bear Club Map

Prize winning young pianist Luka Okros plays Beethoven’s early G major sonata from Op 14 and the dramatic middle period Tempest sonata in D minor. The authenticity of the Tempest subtitle is highly suspect and any direct connection to a discernible programmatic scheme is rather elusive. However there is certainly no question about Beethoven’s general admiration for Shakespeare. Little surprise that one such creative force should recognise the genius of just such another, particularly given that they both so clearly have an extraordinary appetite for human drama. And there is indeed drama aplenty in this turbulent, restless work.

Continuing in the great tradition of composer pianists, the concert will include a selection of works by Chopin, a great admirer of Beethoven. Luca will also play some of his own compositions, a chance for us to enjoy hearing a gifted performer finding total self expression through their chosen instrument.

An impressive display of virtuosic pianism.


Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in G Op 14 No.2

Frederic Chopin

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in D minor Op 31 No.2 Tempest

Luka Okros – Original compositions

Luka Okros