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Beethoven Piano                                       7th Dec 2020 The Bear Club Map

Regular friend of Luton’s Music on Mondays, Mark Bebbington, returns with this final chapter in our survey of Beethoven’s 32 magnificent sonatas for solo piano. In a recital that will surely be a fitting climax to the series, he juxtaposes music from 200 years ago with more recent essays in the form, the Piano Sonata by David Matthews written in 1989 and John Ireland’s perfectly crafted Sonatina. Mark’s reputation as the world’s foremost advocate of British piano music will ensure that these performances will be little short of definitive.

Mark plays Beethoven’s first published sonata in F minor, a sparkling showpiece for the young virtuoso, announcing his presence in Vienna in the 1890s. He also performs the middle period Op 54 work, with its polarising two movement structure and quirky musical development. Appropriately Mark concludes our journey with the Op 81 Lebwohl sonata, also known as Les Adieux. Farewell indeed to all this miraculous music played for us so generously by 18 extraordinary pianists.

Mark Bebbington… truly a remarkable pianist…


Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in F minor Op 2 No.1
David Matthews – Piano Sonata (1989)
Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in F Op 54
John Ireland – Sonatina
Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in E flat Op 81a Lebwohl

Mark Bebbington