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Beethoven Piano                                      17th Feb 2020 The Bear Club Map

In the second concert of our complete survey of the 32 sonatas for solo piano by Ludwig van Beethoven we welcome back a dear friend of Music on Mondays, the pianist Danny Driver. Now established as one of Britain’s most sensitive and respected keyboard artists, he offers us the most monumental of all the sonatas, the mighty Hammerklavier. Published in 1818 this great work is one of the milestones of solo piano literature and marks the beginning of Beethoven’s late period. Its material is very organically developed across all four movements, a dropping major or minor third a seminal idea. Fugal textures are explored across a wide ranging canvas of keys, Beethoven as much an admirer of Baroque antecedents such as Bach, as he was of the Classical masters, Haydn and Mozart.

The programme balances the epic drama of this Beethoven with the Baroque refinement of Ravel, an experimental work by American Betsy Jolas and contemporary lyricism from Deirdre McKay – a pianistic feast of riches indeed.

‘…dauntless clarity, understated wit and graceful vitality.’

The Guardian



Maurice Ravel – Le Tombeau de Couperin

Betsy Jolas – Piece Pour

Deirdre McKay – Time, Shining

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in B flat Op 106 Hammerklavier

Danny Driver