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Beethoven Piano                                       2nd Mar 2020 The Bear Club Map

British pianist Ivana Gavríc plays Beethoven’s early A major sonata, the second of the Op 2 set which were his first published essays in solo piano. Newly arrived in Vienna these works were designed to show off the young genius’s virtuoso skills at the keyboard and positively glitter with such display. In the second half Ivana performs the enduringly popular Appassionata, with the Viennese master exploring the colours of his new Erard piano, creating thrilling textures never before heard on a simple keyboard. This is a work conceived on an epic scale. The rhetorical drama of the first movement, exploring the far reaches of the newly extended keyboard, contrasts with the swirling energy of the last movement with its thrilling prestissimo coda. This was Wagner’s favourite piano sonata…

The programme also includes fascinating short musical portraits of celebrated composers by Bedfordshire-based contemporary composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad. Naturally this will include her homage to Beethoven!

‘…there’s a quality to her sound, something peppery, dark and candid…’




Beethoven         Sonata Op 2 No.2

Grieg                  The goblin's bridal procession at Vosseragen

                         John Vaestafae's springdans


                         Peasant's Song

                         Wedding Day at Troldhaugen          

Frances-Hoad     Three pieces from Homages


    In the Dew

    Stolen Rhythm

Beethoven          Sonata in F minor Op 57 Appassionata

Ivana Gavríc