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Oliver Coates & Danny Driver

In this third of four evenings of late Beethoven curated by Danny Driver we hear the two final great cello sonatas. This searching, enigmatic repertoire is set alongside contemporary British chamber music. Cellist Oliver Coates performs all over the world, renowned for his cutting-edge interpretations of the latest works written for his instrument. He brings that expertise to Luton with a recent work by Caroline Haines, two new pieces by students from Luton Music and Britten’s epic Cello Sonata.

‘…mind-blowing …masterly in every way: the sound-world and sound-range, the technique, the imagination, the understanding. Thank goodness there are players like you who can turn crotchets and quavers into vibrant music.’ Anthony Gilbert (composer)

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in D op 102 No 2

Benjamin Britten – Cello Sonata op 65

Caroline Haines – ‘I found this’

Two new pieces by student composers

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata in C op 102 No 1

Supported by RVW Trust