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Galos Piano Trio with Sarah Gabriel       5th Dec 2016 at the Library Theatre Map

Impressions of an extraordinary life…

An evening of stories exploring the life and music of the infamous Dame Ethel Smyth and her friends, Brahms, Clara Schumann, Grieg and Tchaikovsky. An intriguing portrait of a fascinating musical pioneer told in her own words and music, featuring soprano Sarah Gabriel.

‘Written in 1911 Smyth’s The March of the Women was premiered by a chorus of Suffragettes at a fundraising rally at the Albert Hall. It became the battle cry of the suffrage movement. Its most famous, though least public performance occurred in Holloway prison in London in 1912: over 100 suffragists, including Mrs. Pankhurst and Ethel Smyth, who had smashed windows of suffrage opponents' homes in well-coordinated simultaneous incidents all over London, were arrested, tried, and sentenced to two months imprisonment. Ethel Smyth found her time in prison an exalting experience of communal determination and sacrifice by women of all ages and classes. One day, while the prisoners were taking their outdoor exercise, Ethel Smyth appeared at a window overlooking the prison yard, and conducted their singing of the suffrage battle anthem by waving her toothbrush!’

Johannes Brahms – Piano Trio in C major Op.87 Allegro

Ethel Smyth – Piano Trio in D minor Scherzo - Presto con brio

Ethel Smyth – Piano Trio in D minor Andante - ‘The Courage of Simplicity’

Ethel Smyth – ‘Odelette’ from 4 Songs with chamber ensemble

Clara Schumann – Piano Trio in G minor Op.17 Andante

Edvard Grieg – Andante con moto in C minor

Ethel Smyth – Violin Sonata in A minor Scherzo - Allegro grazioso

Ethel Smyth – Trio in D minor  Allegro non troppo

Ethel Smyth – ‘Chrysilla’ from 4 Songs with chamber ensemble

Ethel Smyth – Piano Trio in D minor Finale - Allegro vivace



Sarah Gabriel - soprano