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Martyn Jackson & Simon Callaghan  17th Oct 2016 at the Library Theatre Map

Virtuoso pianist Simon Callaghan is our principal guest artist this season, appearing in three concerts. Here he is joined by star violinist Martyn Jackson, the newly appointed leader of the Allegri Quartet. Female composers are well represented by Clara Schumann (wife of celebrated composer Robert Schumann), Judith Bingham (the contemporary Nottingham-born British composer) and Lili Boulanger (sister of Nadia, perhaps the most famous composition teacher of the 20th Century). Lili died tragically young at 24 but these two beautiful pieces already show a maturity of style way beyond her years. Alongside the exquisite poetry of the Mozart and the romantic passion of the early Fauré sonata, this will certainly be an exciting first chapter in Simon’s three visits to Luton this season.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Sonata in G K379 (18’)

Clara Schumann – 3 Romances (11’)

Deirdre McKay – New Work (6’)

Lili Boulanger – Nocturne & Cortege (5’)


Judith Bingham – Shelley Dreams (7’)

Gabriel Fauré – Sonata No 1 (27’)

Martyn Jackson - violin

Simon Callaghan - piano