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The Marian Consort     5th Feb 2018 at The Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Church Map

The President’s Recital

In this striking programme, the six voices of The Marian Consort present music from two fertile periods in British musical history. Settings in honour of the Virgin Mary by composers from the era of Henry VIII, including Cornysh, Ludford and Fayrfax, are juxtaposed with modern treatments of Marian texts by twentieth and twenty-first century British composers. These contemporary compositions, many of which have been commissioned by and written for the singers of The Marian Consort, reflect the sensibilities of their sixteenth-century counterparts, while at the same time exploring the possibilities offered by a modern vocal and harmonic idiom, speaking to the listener with the voice of the past, but in the language of our own time.

For this inspirational concert we return to Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Church. As before we would like to offer free admission to all comers, the expenses of the concert to be defrayed by a retiring collection.

Magnificat (St Pancras Service) – Roxanna Panufnik

Ave Maria – William Cornysh

Ave Maria – Hilary Campbell

Nesciens Mater – Walter Lambe

Dormi Jesu – Stephen Dodgson

Ave Maria – John Taverner

Alma redemptoris Mater – Cecilia McDowall

Petroc Trelawny

The Marian Consort

Gaude et Laetare – Cheryl Frances Hoad

Ave virgo sanctissima – Matthew Martin

Ave Dei Patris Filia – Robert Fayrfax

Regina coeli laetare – Lennox Berkeley

Ave cuius conceptio – Nicholas Ludford

Ave Regina caelorum – Judith Weir