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Palisander Recorders in Antidotum Arachne 31st Oct 2016 at the Library Theatre Map

On the night of Halloween we explore music and the spider! The four players of Palisander Recorders are joined by a theorbo in an inventive programme of period tarantellas, Vivaldi’s ‘nightmare’ concerto and a selection of other more contemporary works. This will be a stimulating synthesis of the old and the new but arachnophobes might like to bring a friend in case the going gets tough!

‘17th Century victims of spider bites were offered no medicinal cure or relief. Instead the local musicians would work together to find a curative melody…’

Tarquinio Merula – Canzon ‘La Lusignola’

Anthony Holborne – The Night Watch  & The Image of Melancholly  

Antonio Vivaldi (arr. Miriam Nerval) – The Nightmare Concerto RV 439

Maddalena Casulana – Il Vostro Dipartir

Robert Johnson – The Temporiser

Dick Koomans – The Jogger

Trad. Italian (arr. Miriam Nerval) – Tarantella Napoletana



arr. Miriam Nerval - Medicinal Tarantellas

    La Carpinese, Tarantella Del Gargano, La Tarantelas - Santiago de Murcia

Tiburtio Massaino – Ego pro te rogavi Petre

Maki Ishii – Black Intention IV

William Byrd – In Fields Abroad

John Dowland – The Frog Galliard

Luzzasco Luzzaschi Madriga

Micah Clarke – Hollow Shout

Antidotum from Magnes siue de arte magnetica

arr. M Nerval – Curative Tarantellas

    Tarantella Napoletana, Tarantelas – Santiago de Murcia, Tarantella Italiana

Hannah Fisher - recorder

Lydia Gosnell - recorder

Miriam Nerval - recorder

Caoimhe de Paor - recorder

Toby Carr - baroque guitar/theorbo