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Piatti Quartet                         18th Mar 2019 at St Augustine’s Church  Map

The renowned Piatti Quartet return with a fascinating new piece by Jacques Cohen – ‘From Behind Glass’ – which is inspired by the ghostly presence of four antique Stradivarius instruments, silently imprisoned behind glass in a museum, only eventually to break free and breathe life into the Catalonian folk song The Song of the Birds. Dedicated to his wife-to-be, Ethel Elmore Sinclair, Bridge’s Three Idylls are suffused with an intense lyricism and the theme of the second movement was used by Bridge’s pupil, Benjamin Britten for his Op.10 set of variations. Mendelssohn’s final quartet, his last major work, was composed after the sudden death of his beloved and highly talented sister Fanny.  All the works in this programme are laden with narrative… Hear it wrested off the page by this exceptional young quartet.

‘…such commitment and perfect ensemble.’ Gramophone

Frank Bridge – Three Idylls

Jacques Cohen – ‘From Behind Glass’

Felix Mendelssohn – Quartet No.6 in F minor Op.80

Nathaniel Anderson-Frank (violin)

Michael Trainor (violin)

Tetsuumi Negata (viola)

Jessie Ann Richardson (cello)