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Holocaust Memorial Concert               29th Jan 2018 at The Bear Club Map

Postcards from Europe

Holocaust Memorial Day is on 27th January 2018. This is a specially devised programme of music and readings centring on the cultural, political and social events of Europe in the 1930s. It brings to the public the suppressed voices of the musicians deemed by the Third Reich to be ‘entartete’ (degenerate). It focuses on the Gypsy music of Eastern Europe and those Jewish composers who were systematically denied work from 1933 onwards. Some of these artists emigrated and others perished in concentration camps. This programme shows something of their story in words and music.

Our President, Radio 3’s Petroc Trelawny, joins the musicians to read the words in this moving tribute.

Music by:

Antonín Dvořák

Bedřich Smetana

Alexander Zemlinsky

Erwin Schulhoff

Hans Gal

Marianne Olyver & Nigel Yandell

Petroc Trelawny