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The Sterling Trio impressed and delighted with their musicianship, adventurous programming and presentation. Leicester Mercury

These three young chamber musicians are much admired for their inspirational work in education. The early start to this concert is designed to allow for some younger audience members than usual! The first section will include The Up and Down Man by Howard Blake (composer of The Snowman) accompanied by live mime artist, as well as participatory elements for the pupils showcasing their work with the Trio earlier in the day. The second half, beginning at our usual time of 7.45 pm, will concentrate on more standard concert repertoire. The entire programme will be finished by 9 pm.

Sterling Trio

The 40 minute first half will begin at 6.30 pm with a specially designed programme for youngsters, involving Primary School children from Luton.

Schostakovich - Waltz

Bartók  - Romanian Folk dances

Howard Blake - Up-and-Down-Man, Op 635

Arnold - Grand Fantasia, Op 37

The second half will begin at 7.45 pm lasting for about an hour

Blake - Fantasy Trio, Op 662a

J. S. Bach – Trio Sonata in G, BWV1038

Hummel – Adagio, Variations and Rondo on a Russian Theme in A major Trio op 78

Guillaume Connesson – Techno-Parade

Andrew M. Wilson - The Cider Press Trio

Sarah Atter – flute

Thomas Verity – clarinet

Lauren Hibberd – piano


Jane Sutcliffe - mime artist